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by Rose Sidney

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


“Where did these tracks come from, on the floor?”

Swift horror fastened itself on Mrs. Brenner.

“What’s that to you?” she flared.

She heard her husband’s hypocritical and soothing tones, “Now, now, Olga! That ain’t the way to talk to these gentlemen. Tell them who made these tracks.”

“You did!” she cried. All about her she could feel the smoothness of a falling trap.

Mart smiled still more broadly.

“Look here, Olga, don’t get so warm over it. You’re nervous now. Tell the gentlemen who made those tracks.”

She turned to Munn desperately. “What do you want to know for?” she asked him.

The sharpness of her voice roused old Mrs. Brenner, drowsing in her corner.

“Blood!” she cried suddenly. “Blood on his hands!”


A small pot-boiler about a woman whose simpleton son has been accused of the murder which the woman’s husband has committed. The stakes rise with every clue which the myopic and prejudiced detective squad uncovers, ultimately driving the woman to extraordinary lengths to protect her son. The structure of this piece is sound, and the ratcheting of the stakes is impressive, but the detectives are implausible and ruin any sense of true tension. You might be able to adapt the facts/detectives and have a rip-roarin’ yarn on your hands, but a straightforward adaptation is likely to be unsuccessful.


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