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Cabbages and Kings

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Cabbages and Kings

by O. Henry

Genre: Comedy
Format of Original Source: Novella
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


“I loved him so, Frank!” she said, “even after that terrible flight and its awful ending. And you have been so good to me, and have made me so happy. It has all grown into such a strange puzzle. If they were to find out that we got the money do you think they would force you to make the amount good to the government?”

“They would undoubtedly try,” answered Goodwin. “You are right about its being a puzzle. And it must remain a puzzle to Falcon and all his countrymen until it solves itself. You and I, who know more than anyone else, only know half of the solution. We must not let even a hint about this money get abroad. Let them come to the theory that the president concealed it in the mountains during his journey, or that he found means to ship it out of the country before he reached Coralio. I don’t think that Falcon suspects me. He is making a close investigation, according to his orders, but he will find out nothing.”


This volume is the only work of O. Henry which approaches being a novel. The stories are related and should be read in the sequence in which they occur in the text. NMI staff has not yet read these stories, which accumulate to the length of a novel. Can the stories be combined into a multi-part musical (Several evenings’ worth)?


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