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Campbell Of Kilmhor

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Campbell Of Kilmhor

by J.A. Ferguson

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


Here come I, Archibald Campbell of Kilmhor, invested with authority as law-officer of the Crown, bearing in my hand the power of life and death, fire and the sword, backed up by the visible authority of armed men, and yet I am powerless before the dreams of an old woman and a half-grown lad–soldiers and horses and the gallows and yellow gold are less than the wind blowing in their faces.–It is a strange thing that: it is a thing I do not understand.–It is a thing fit to sicken a man against the notion that there are probabeelities on this earth.–have been beaten for a’ that. Aye, the pair o’ them have beat me–though it’s a matter of seconds till one of them be dead.

MORAG (starting into upright position and staring at him; her voice is like an echo to his). Dead!

CAMPBELL (turning hastily). What is that!

MORAG. Is he dead?

CAMPBELL (grimly). Not yet, but if ye’ll look through this window (he indicates window) presently, ye’ll see him gotten ready for death.

(He begins to collect articles of personal property, hat, etc.)

MORAG. I will tell you.

CAMPBELL (astounded). What!

MORAG. I will tell you all you are seeking to know.


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