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by Floyd Conversation

Genre: Comedy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


SHE. (laughing hysterically) You haven’t believed what I’ve been saying all this while, have you?

HE. Almost.

SHE. Then don’t. I’ve been lying.

HE. Again?

SHE. Again, yes.

HE. I suspected it.

SHE. (mockingly) Wise man!

HE. You don’t love me, then?

SHE. Why should I? Do you want me to?

HE. I make no demands upon you. You know that.

SHE. You can get along without me?

HE. (coldly) Why not?

SHE. Good. Then I’ll tell you the truth!

HE. That would be interesting!

SHE. I was afraid you did want me! And–I was sorry for you, Paul–I thought if you did, I would try to make things up to you, by starting over again–if you wanted to.

HE. So that was it. . . .

SHE. Yes, that was it. And so–

HE. (harshly) You needn’t say any more. Will you go, or shall I?


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