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Enter The Hero

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Enter The Hero

by Theresa Helburn

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


ANNE [blocking the door]. You can’t go, Harold! Don’t corner me. I’ll fight like a wildcat if you do.

HAROLD. Fight?

ANNE. Yes. A pretty figure you’ll cut if you bolt now. They’ll think you a cad–an out and out cad! Haven’t they seen your letters come week by week, and your presents? And you have written to Mother, too–I have your letter. There won’t be anything bad enough to say about you. They’ll say you jilted me for that English girl in Brazil. It will be true, too. And it will get about. She’ll hear of it, I’ll see to that–and then–

HAROLD. But it’s a complete lie! I can explain–

ANNE. You’ll have a hard time explaining your letters and your presents–and your ring. There’s a deal of evidence against you–

HAROLD. See here, are you trying to blackmail me? Oh, this is too ridiculous!

ANNE. They’re coming! I hear them on the stairs! What are you going to tell them?

HAROLD. The truth. I must get clear of all this. I tell you–

ANNE [suddenly clinging to him]. No, no, Harold! Forgive me, I was just testing you. I will get you out of this. Leave it to me.

HAROLD [struggling with her]. No, I won’t leave anything to you, ever.

ANNE [still clinging tightly]. Harold, remember I am a woman–and I love you.

[This brings him up short a moment to wonder, and in this moment there is a knock at the door.]

ANNE [abandoning Harold]. Come in. [There is a discreet pause.]

MRS. CAREY’S VOICE [off stage]. May we come in?

ANNE [angrily]. Yes!


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