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by Frederick Peterson

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely



Oh, yes I am. I’m a children’s specialist. Is she in that room? (Goes to door and opens it–draws back a little.) Whew! No air. Lift up that curtain and open the window! (JIM does it, rather aghast.) You must show me where you keep your pigs. Don’t they get light and air on a day like this? (Goes toward bed as ROSIE rises up in bed and stares with a smile at the little doctor.) So this is the little patient. Well! Well! (Lifts up and looks at the bottles.) Take these and throw them out. (Hands them to MARY, who takes them out and returns.) My! My! Pork and potatoes and candy! Of all things! I’ll have to make out a diet list later. (Feels pulse–listens to her chest.) I think the trouble with you is bad food, bad air, and no light. The trouble is not enough agricultural pamphlets on human live stock, not enough government millions spent on the real thing. Now get up, Rose! Let me see you stand. There, that’s good. Now a comb and brush–we’ll help this hair a little.

Mary (handing EVERYCHILD a comb and brush)

My hands are so full of work—-

Everychild (arranging ROSIE’S hair)

Yes, that’s better. Now, father, a glass of milk! (JIM goes into kitchen.) And mother, open that bag, please.

(While MARY opens bag. JIM returns with glass of milk, which ROSIE drinks.)


Oh, my!

(Takes out pretty dress, stockings and slippers, which she lifts up, looks at delightedly, and carries to the doctor.)


Oh, mother! You did get them!

(EVERYCHILD works fast, slips the gown on the patient with the stockings and slippers, while ROSIE smiles happily, though dazed by the splendor of it.)


Are you going to take me to the picnic?


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