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Foolish Jack.

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Foolish Jack.

by Lady Bell

Genre: Young Audiences
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length: 10 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


J.–Yes, he gave me a lamb.

M.–A lamb! How delightful! Where is it, then?

J.–I crammed it into my pocket, and it was stifled.

M.–I should think it was! Into your pocket! Good heavens! Whoever thought of putting a lamb into his pocket! You should have tied a rope round its neck and led it carefully along.

J.–That’s just what Uncle Crabstick said.

M.–I should think he did! And then?

J.–Then I went to see Auntie Jumblewig.

M.–That was quite right. Did she give you anything?

J.–She gave me a splendid ham.

M.–A ham! I am glad. That will come in useful. Where is it?

J.–I tied a rope to it, and led it carefully along the road, but some dogs ate it up while I was not looking.

M.–Of course they did, you foolish boy! You should have carried it on your head.

J.–That’s just what Auntie Jumblewig said when she saw me start.

M.–Of course she did! and then?

J.–I went to see Cousin Peter.

M.–Cousin Peter! And what did the good man say to you?

J.–Not much; but he gave me a calf.

M.–A calf! How generous! Where is the calf then?

J.–I tried to carry it on my head, but he kicked my face, so I let him go.

M.–Serve you right! How could you be so foolish as to carry a calf on your head? You should have taken him to the cow-house and settled him in a nice warm corner, with plenty of straw.

NOTE FROM NMI: Lady Bell plays are very short sketches written for very young children, suitable for nursery puppet plays, rather than actual theatres.


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