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Forgotten Souls

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Forgotten Souls

by Pinski David

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


FANNY [brokenly, yet in embarrassment]. Take me…. Marry me.

HINDES [for a moment he looks at her, then picks up his crutch, his books and the packages].

FANNY [beseechingly]. Hindes! If I should marry, Olga wouldn’t have any obstacle in her way.

HINDES. Miss Segal, I have loved you, and still do. But I refuse to be the altar upon which you shall sacrifice yourself.

FANNY. But a moment ago you dissuaded me from death. Will you now drive me back to it?

HINDES. Your sister will be able to find happiness without Berman.

FANNY. But if she loves him?–

HINDES. Then she’ll suffer, just as we do.

FANNY. No! Olga must not suffer! Do you hear! I’ll not have it!

HINDES. That is very nice of you.

FANNY [through her tears]. Hindes, I no longer know you.

HINDES [turns toward the door]. Good night.

FANNY [is overcome by sobbing].

HINDES [limps to the door, then stops. Looks downwards, then raises his eyes toward Fanny]. Miss Segal, why is it that during all the time that I have boarded with you I have made no declaration of love, that I have never proposed marriage?

FANNY [weeps].


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