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Get Ready the Wreaths

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Get Ready the Wreaths

by Fannie Hurst

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length: Two Hours

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


“Doctor says with care she can live for years, but–but it seems terrible the way her–poor mind keeps skipping back. Past all these thirty years in America to–even weeks before I was born. The night they–took my father off to Siberia, with his bare feet in the snow–for distributing papers they found on him–papers that used the word ‘svoboda’–‘freedom.’ And the time, ten years later–they shot down my brother right in front of her for–the same reason. She keeps living it over–living it over till I–could die.”

“Say, ain’t that just a shame, though!”

“Living it, and living it, and living it! The night with me, a heavy three-year-old, in her arms that she got us to the border, dragging a pack of linens with her! The night my father’s feet were bleeding in the snow, when they took him! How with me a kid in the crib, my–my brother’s face was crushed in–with a heel and a spur–all night, sometimes, she cries in her sleep–begging to go back to find the graves. All day she sits making raffia wreaths to take back–making wreaths–making wreaths!”


Looks very sentimental, written in a serious melodramatic style.


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