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Head and Shoulders

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Head and Shoulders

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Genre: Romance
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


“Horace,” said Marcia one evening when she met him as usual at eleven, “you looked like a ghost standing there against the street lights. You losing weight?”

He shook his head vaguely.

“I don’t know. They raised me to a hundred and thirty-five dollars to-day, and—“

“I don’t care,” said Marcia severely. “You’re killing yourself working at night. You read those big books on economy—“

“Economics,” corrected Horace.

“Well, you read ’em every night long after I’m asleep. And you’re getting all stooped over like you were before we were married.”

“But, Marcia, I’ve got to—“

“No, you haven’t dear. I guess I’m running this shop for the present, and I won’t let my fella ruin his health and eyes. You got to get some exercise.”


He’s an intellect; she’s a dancer. As their lives begin to intertwine, she becomes more intellectual and he more physical. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? An interesting little social question, told with some literary irony, but the story itself isn’t fraught with much conflict or strong desire, so we would worry about its ability to translate into musical theatre.


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