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Human Nature

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Human Nature

by Floyd Dell

Genre: Comedy
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


THE SECOND CELESTIAL FIGURE. (hesitantly) Well, there is one place . . . It’s only mentioned in a footnote in the guide-book, but for that very reason I thought perhaps–

THE FIRST CELESTIAL FIGURE. You have the right attitude. There’s nothing too small or insignificant to know about. Do you remember the name of the place?

THE SECOND CELESTIAL FIGURE. No, but–(He turns the leaves of the guide-book.) Here it is. (He holds the book closer so as to read the fine print at the bottom of the page.) Earth, it’s called.

THE FIRST CELESTIAL FIGURE. Ah, yes, there is such a place. . . .

THE SECOND CELESTIAL FIGURE. The guide-book doesn’t give any information about it. Just mentions its name.

THE FIRST CELESTIAL FIGURE. Well, there isn’t very much to say about it. After what you’ve seen, you wouldn’t be impressed by its art or its architecture, . . . Still, it has one curious feature that perhaps you’d be interested in. It’s–

He pauses.


THE FIRST CELESTIAL FIGURE. Perhaps I had better just show you, and let you make what you can of it.

THE SECOND CELESTIAL FIGURE. (deferentially) As you say.

THE FIRST CELESTIAL FIGURE. Here, then–look for yourself!


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