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Ibsen Revisited

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Ibsen Revisited

by Floyd Dell

Genre: Comedy
Setting: International
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


THE STRANGER, Has she then turned into a mere sociologist? Oh, you are deceiving me!

THE MAID. If you don’t believe me–I’ll just open the door an inch, and you can hear her talking.

THE STRANGER. Oh, it cannot be true!

The maid quietly opens the door a little way. He listens.

A VOICE. (heard through the aperture) We must all learn to function socially. . . .

The maid shuts the door again.

THE MAID. Do you believe it now?

THE STRANGER. (sadly) It is too true!

THE MAID. Didn’t I tell you?

THE STRANGER. So Hedda has become–a reformer!


THE STRANGER. And Lovberg–what does he do?

THE MAID. He is rewriting his book–you know, the one Hedda burned up- for use as a text-book in the public schools. And Hedda is helping him.

THE STRANGER. No more adventure–no more beauty–the flame . . . gone out! My God!

He staggers toward the wall, where a pistol is hanging, and puts his hand on it.


A satire of Hedda Gabler.


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