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La Derniere Mobilisation

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La Derniere Mobilisation

by W.A. Dwiggins

Genre: Suspense
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


A movement stirs the mist at the bottom of the hill. A monotonous rhythm grows in the silence. The mist darkens, and from it there emerges a strange shadowy column that reaches slowly up the hill, moving in silence to the sombre and muffled beating of a drum. As it draws nearer the shadow becomes two files of marching men bearing between them a long dim burden.

The leaders advance into the moonlight. Each two men are carrying between them a pole, and from pole to pole have been slung planks making a continuous platform. But that which is heaped upon the platform is hidden with muddy blankets.


A spooky moment about the rising of dead soldiers. This story isn’t more than a page long, so there’s not enough structure here to dramatize — but this author’s command of spooky language is enticing and worth your researching him (her?) further.


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