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Little Petsy

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Little Petsy

by Lady Bell

Genre: Young Audiences
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length: 10 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


MRS. S.–Petsy, will you say your poetry to Mrs. Roberts?

P.–No, I shan’t.

MRS. S.–Oh, now do! Mrs. Roberts would like it so much, wouldn’t you?

MRS. R.–Oh, of all things.

MRS. S.–She stands on a chair and says it. You can’t think how pretty it looks. Come now, Petsy, won’t you?

(MRS. S. puts her on a chair, PETSY jumps down and kicks away the chair.)

MRS. R.–Well, never mind–don’t worry her about it now.

MRS. S.–Oh, but I should so like you to hear her. Come, Petsy, you needn’t stand on a chair–stand there with your hands behind you. Now begin: “Pretty Miss Jane—-“

P.–I won’t, then! (Gives her mother a thump.) There!

MRS. S.–She’s so unexpected, isn’t she? (To PETSY.) If you won’t say the poem to Mrs. Roberts, you will play the violin to her, won’t you?

MRS. R.–(Horrified.) The violin!

MRS. S.–Yes, she does show such talent! You’ll be quite surprised.

MRS. R.–(Aside.) Yes, I shall be quite surprised if she does.

MRS. S.–Of course, it’s a little squeaky at times–but, after all, she’s such a child, it’s a wonder she plays at all.

MRS. R.–It is indeed. (Aside.) Especially to visitors who don’t want to hear her. (Aloud.) I am sorry I can’t stay to-day, I just came to see about that hall.

MRS. S.–Ah, to be sure, the hall, yes–we’ve settled nothing.

NOTE FROM NMI: Lady Bell plays are very short sketches written for very young children, suitable for nursery puppet plays, rather than actual theatres.


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