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Manikin And Minikin

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Manikin And Minikin

by Alfred Kreymborg

Genre: Romance
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


HE. Recall our childhood in the English museum- ere we were moved, from place to place, to this dreadful Yankee salon- do you remember that little old Greek tanagra of the girl with a head like a bud- that little old Roman medallion of the girl with a head like a—-

SHE. Manikin, Manikin- were they so beautiful as I- did you love them, too- why do you bring them back?

HE. They were not so beautiful as thou- I spoke of them- recalled, designated them- well, because they were ages old- and–and—-

SHE. And–and?

HE. And we might live as long as they- as they did and do! I hinted their existence because they’re not so beautiful as thou, so that by contrast and deduction—-

SHE. And deduction?

HE. You know what I’d say—-

SHE. But say it again!

HE. I love you.

SHE. Manikin?

HE. Minikin?

SHE. Then even though that creature has turned us apart, can you see me?

HE. I can see you.

SHE. Even though you haven’t seen me for hours, days, weeks- with your dear blue eyes- you can see me- with your hidden ones?


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