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by Hildegarde Flanner

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


LYDIA [stopping by Joe and bending over him]. Didn’t I say it was a prophecy?

[Joe does not answer nor open his eyes. Lydia takes his hand and then drops it in fear.]

LYDIA. Aunt Harriet, come here quickly!

[Harriet comes swiftly and stoops over Joe. She feels of his pulse and lays her hand against his heart.]

HARRIET. Joe, Joe!

LYDIA [moving distractedly toward the door]. I’ll call the doctor.

HARRIET [standing very straight and twisting her handkerchief]. It will do no good, Lydia. Joe has gone. This is the way your father went and your grandfather–all the men in the Wilde family. But this is irregular. They never died so young.

[Lydia covers her face with her hands.]

HARRIET. And he seems so well. Why didn’t the doctor–Lydia! This was their secret–this is what they wouldn’t tell me!

LYDIA. Secret? Which secret?

[She looks at Joe and clasps her hands in anguish. Harriet kneels by the lounge and begins to pray.]

HARRIET. Dear Lord, I do beseech thee to grant peace and eternal rest to thy child come home to thee. Grant that he may forever sit in thy presence—-

[Lydia, slowly realizing what her aunt is saying, runs to her side and makes her rise.]

LYDIA. Stop that! Stop it, I say! You worried him enough when he was alive. Now that he’s dead, let him do what he wants to.

HARRIET. Lydia! You have lost your senses. Be calm, be calm. [Harriet crosses to the table and picks up the Bible.] Come. We will read a few verses and have faith that–

LYDIA [snatching the Bible from her aunt]. No you shan’t! Let him alone.


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