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Miss Dobson.

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Miss Dobson.

by Lady Bell

Genre: Young Audiences
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length: 10 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


D.–Now, then, what shall we do?

B.–We shall have so much less to read.

E.–Let us see what is on this piece.

ALL.–(Reading together.) “My dear children, I am obliged to go off to Clapham by the ten o’clock train, to see my mother who is ill.”

D.–Go to Clapham!

F.–By the ten o’clock train!

B.–To see her mother who is ill!

E.–Oh, how delightful!

B.–How delightful that her mother should be ill?

E.–No, of course not. I mean, how terrible!

ALL.–Poor Miss Dobson’s mother!

D.–Come, let us see what else she says.

ALL.–(Reading.) “I shall not be back until the evening.”

F.–She won’t be back until the evening!

E.–We shall have a holiday then! (All dancing round.) A holiday! A holiday!

D.–Here’s the other piece of the letter which we haven’t read. (They pick it up and read it.)

D.–(Reading.) “I hope you will be good children, and work by yourselves.”

NOTE FROM NMI: Lady Bell plays are very short sketches written for very young children, suitable for nursery puppet plays, rather than actual theatres.


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