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Miss Dulane and My Lord

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Miss Dulane and My Lord

by Wilkie Collins

Genre: Romance
Format of Original Source: Novella
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


“If _he_ doesn’t object to my age, what does it matter to _you?_”

“Don’t speak of that man!”

“Why not?”

“He is young enough to be your son; and he is marrying you–impudently, undisguisedly marrying you–for your money!”

“And I am marrying him–impudently, undisguisedly marrying him–for his rank.”

“You needn’t remind me, Matilda, that you are the daughter of a tailor.”

“In a week or two more, Elizabeth, I shall remind you that I am the wife of a nobleman’s son.”

“A younger son; don’t forget that.”

“A younger son, as you say. He finds the social position, and I find the money–half a million at my own sole disposal. My future husband is a good fellow in his way, and his future wife is another good fellow in her way. To look at your grim face, one would suppose there were no such things in the world as marriages of convenience.”

“Not at your time of life. I tell you plainly, your marriage will be a public scandal.”

“That doesn’t frighten us,” Miss Dulane remarked.


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