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Rather A Prig

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Rather A Prig

by Lady Bell

Genre: Young Audiences
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length: 10 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


E.–Then let’s be soldiers. I love playing at soldiers.

W.–That is somewhat of an unfeminine instinct, although it is justified by more than one example in history. Thus, Boadicea—-

E.–Oh, shut up, or I will run you through with my sword! It’s just like a real one. It’s made of the most beautiful steel.

W.–Then the blade probably came from the district of Cleveland in Yorkshire, where the iron and steel industries may be seen in their greatest development. You have, doubtless, heard of the steel works of Eston, and the blast furnaces of Middlesborough?

E.–I don’t know what a blast furnace is.

W.–Allow me to describe that ingenious construction to you.

E.–No, thank you, not in my play-time. I am going to get some daisies to make a daisy-chain.

W.–You doubtless have a herbarium?

E.–No. I don’t believe they grow in this garden.

W.–Oh, too ignorant girl! A herbarium is not a flower, it is a collection of dried flowers and plants.

E.–Ah, well! I haven’t one then.

W.–That is a mistake.

NOTE FROM NMI: Lady Bell plays are very short sketches written for very young children, suitable for nursery puppet plays, rather than actual theatres.


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