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Sam Average

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Sam Average

by Percy Mackaye

Genre: Drama
Setting: America
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


ANDREW. [Who has listened with awe.] What are you? What are you?

THE FIGURE. Me? I’m the paymaster.

ANDREW. I want to serve you–like those others.

THE FIGURE. Slow, slow, boy! Nobody sarves me.

ANDREW. But they died for you–the others.

THE FIGURE. No, ‘twa’n’t for me; ’twas for him as pays the wages; the one as works through me–the one higher up. I’m only the paymaster; kind of a needful makeshift–his obedient sarvant.

ANDREW. [With increasing curiosity, seeks to peer in THE FIGURE’S face.] But the one up higher–who is he?

THE FIGURE. [Turning his head away.] Would ye sarve him, think, if ye heerd his voice?

ANDREW. [Ardently, drawing closer.] And saw his face!

[Drawing his cowl lower and taking ANDREW’S arm, THE FIGURE leads him up on the embankment, where they stand together.

THE FIGURE. Hark a-yonder!

ANDREW. [Listening.] Is it thunder?

THE FIGURE. Have ye forgot?

ANDREW. The voice! I remember now–Niagara!

[With awe, ANDREW looks toward THE FIGURE, who stands shrouded and still, facing the dawn. From far off comes a sound as of falling waters, and with that–a deep murmurous voice, which seems to issue from THE FIGURE’S cowl.

THE VOICE. I am the Voice that was heard of your fathers, and your fathers’ fathers. Mightier–mightier, I shall be heard of your sons. I am the Million in whom the one is lost, and I am the One in whom the millions are saved.


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