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Six Short Plays by John Galsworthy

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Six Short Plays by John Galsworthy

by John Galsworthy

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


Collection includes:

The First and The Last
The Little Man
The Sun
Punch and Go
an excerpt:
THE GIRL. He couldn’t come before. I’m frightened. ‘E was fond o’ me.

THE MAN. And aren’t I fond of you?

THE GIRL. I ought to ‘a waited, Jim; with ‘im in the fightin’.

THE MAN. [Passionately] And what about me? Aren’t I been in the fightin’–earned all I could get?

THE GIRL. [Touching him] Ah!

THE MAN. Did you–? [He cannot speak the words.]

THE GIRL. Not like you, Jim–not like you.

THE MAN. Have a spirit, then.

THE GIRL. I promised him.

THE MAN. One man’s luck’s another’s poison.

THE GIRL. I ought to ‘a waited. I never thought he’d come back from the fightin’.

THE MAN. [Grimly] Maybe ‘e’d better not ‘ave.

THE GIRL. [Looking back along the tow-path] What’ll he be like, I wonder?

THE MAN. [Gripping her shoulder] Daisy, don’t you never go back on me, or I should kill you, and ‘im too.

[THE GIRL looks at him, shivers, and puts her lips to his.]

THE GIRL. I never could.

THE MAN. Will you run for it? ‘E’d never find us!

[THE GIRL shakes her head.]

THE MAN [Dully] What’s the good o’ stayin’? The world’s wide.


Galsworth wrote “The Forsyte Saga”, so there might be some real potential here.


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