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by Floyd Dell

Genre: Romance
Setting: America
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


THE YOUNG MAN. Egerton! Are you Helen Egerton?

HELEN. And are you George Brooke?

THE AGENT. Your aunt and uncle have just discovered each other up at the house, and they have arranged for you all to take dinner together tonight, and then go to a ten-day house-party at Mr. Egerton’s place on Long Island. (Grimly) The reason of all this will be plain to you. They want you two to get married.

GEORGE. Then we’re done for! We’ll have to get married now whether we want to or not!

HELEN. What! Just to please them? I shan’t do it!

GEORGE. (gloomily) You don’t know my Aunt Maria.

HELEN. And Tubby will try to bully me, I suppose. But I won’t do it–no matter what he says!

THE AGENT. Pardon what may seem an impertinence, Miss; but is it really true that you don’t want to marry this young man?

HELEN. (flaming) I suppose because you saw me in his arms–! Oh, I want to, all right, but–

THE AGENT. (mildly) Then what seems to be the trouble?

HELEN. I–oh, you explain to him, George.


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