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The Bicyclers

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The Bicyclers

by John Kendrick Bangs

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


[By this time all are gazing out of window, except Perkins, who is nursing his ankle.

Perkins. I guess not. I’m not going to lie down in the road, or sit in the road, or stand in the road to stop him or anybody else. I don’t believe I’ve got a sound bone left; but if I have, I’m going to save it, if Bradley kills himself. If his lamp’s out the police will stop him. Why not be satisfied with that?

Bradley (passing the window). For Heaven’s sake! one of you fellows stop me.

Yardsley. Put on the brake.

Barlow. Fall off. It hasn’t got a brake.

Bradley (despairingly, in distance). Can’t.

Mrs. Perkins. This is frightful.

Perkins (with a grimace at his ankle). Yes; but there are other fearful things in this world.

Mrs. Bradley. I shall go crazy if he isn’t stopped. He’ll kill himself.

Yardsley (leaving window hurriedly). I have it. Got a length of clothes-line, Mrs. Perkins?

Barlow. What the dickens–

Mrs. Perkins. Yes.

[She rushes from the room.

Mrs. Bradley. What for?

Yardsley. I’ll lasso him, next time he comes around.

Perkins (with a grin). There’ll be two of us! We can start a hospital on the top floor.

Mrs. Perkins (returning). Here–here’s the line.

[Yardsley takes it hurriedly, and, tying it into a noose, hastens out.

Perkins (rising). If I never walk again, I must see this. [Limps to window.

Mrs. Bradley. He’s coming, Mr. Yardsley; don’t miss him.


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