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The Bracelet

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The Bracelet

by Alfred Sutro

Genre: Romance
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


MRS. WESTERN. [Fretfully.] Oh, do be a man, and drop this mawkish sentiment! You say she’s fond of you–you’ve made her fond of you. Was this a very pretty thing–for a man of your age to do?

HARVEY. [Sullenly, as he drops back into his chair.] Never mind my age.

MRS. WESTERN. Very well then–for a married man?

HARVEY. An unhappy man.

MRS. WESTERN. Even granting that–though if you’re unhappy it’s your own fault–I’ve always been urging you to go on the County Council–What’s to become of the girl, if she stops here?

HARVEY. [Desperately.] I don’t know–but I can’t let her go–I tell you I can’t!

MRS. WESTERN. [Scarcely able to conceal her disgust.] Oh, if you knew how painful it is to hear you whining like this! It’s pitiable, really! In the girl’s own interest–how can she stop?

HARVEY. She must. I can’t let her be turned out. It would break her heart.

MRS. WESTERN. [Turning right round, and staring at him.] What?

HARVEY. [Doggedly.] Yes–it would. She’s very fond of me, that’s the truth. I know that I’ve been to blame–but it’s too late for that now. She’s romantic, of course–what you’d call sentimental. I dare say I’ve played on her feelings–she saw I was lonely. She has a side that you’ve never suspected–a tender, sensitive side–she has ideals…. Well, do you realise what it would mean, with a girl like that? No one knows her as I do. I’m quite startled sometimes, to find how fond she is of me. Oh, have some sympathy! It’s difficult, I know–it’s terribly difficult. But she loves me–that’s the truth–and a young girl’s love–why, she might throw herself into the river!


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