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The Captain Of The Gate

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The Captain Of The Gate

by Beulah Marie Dix

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


FENTON. God! But we’ll give them a good fight at the last. (Goes to the shot-window.) Take up your musket, Kit.

NEWCOMBB. But I–Captain! When you are gone, I–I–

HUGH TALBOT. I’ll not be far. You’ll hold the bridge?

JOHN TALBOT. Aye, sir.

BUTLER. We’ve powder enough–you said it, sir,–laid there at the stairhead, to blow the bridge to hell.

HUGH TALBOT. Aye, Myles, you’ve hit it!

(Holds out his hand.)

BUTLER. Not yet, sir!

HUGH TALBOT. Hereafter, then. God speed you, lads!

JOHN TALBOT. Speed you, sir! (All five stand at salute as HUGH TALBOT goes out. In the moment’s silence upon his exit, JOHN TALBOT bars the door and turns to his comrades.) You have–Hugh Talbot’s orders. Take your pieces! Driscoll! Newcombe!

(Obediently the two join FENTON at windows.) Butler!

BUTLER. Aye! We have Hugh Talbot’s orders.

(Points to powder-keg.)

JOHN TALBOT. Are you meaning–

BUTLER. It’s not I will be failing him now!

FENTON (at window). God! They waste no time.

JOHN TALBOT. Already–they have dared–

FENTON. Here–this moment–under our very eyes!


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