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The Deacon’s Hat

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The Deacon’s Hat

by Jeannette Marks

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


DEACON ROBERTS. Ye believe that it can rain in Bala both when the moon is full an’ when ’tis new?

HUGH. [Earnestly.] I do.

MRS. JONES THE WASH. [Wearily.] Yiss, any time.

TOM MORRIS THE SHEEP. Aye, all the time.

MRS. JENKINS THE MIDWIFE.. Yiss, yiss, it rains ever an’ forever!

NELI. [Forgetting the relish search.] Well, indeed, ’tis true it can rain in Bala at any time an’ at all times.

DEACON ROBERTS. [Paying no attention to Neli.] Ye believe that Tomen-y-Bala is Ararat?

HUGH. [Clutching his book more tightly and speaking in a whisper.] Yiss.

MRS. JONES THE WASH. Aye, ’tis true.

MRS. JENKINS THE MIDWIFE.. Yiss, the Hill of Bala is Ararat.

TOM MORRIS THE SHEEP. Yiss, I have driven the sheep over it whatever more than a hundred times.

NELI. [Both hands on counter, leaning forward, listening to DEACON’S words.] Aye, Charles-y-Bala said so.

DEACON ROBERTS. [Still ignoring NELI and lowering his coat-tails carefully.] Ye believe, good people, that the Druids called Noah “Tegid,” an’ that those who were saved were cast up on Tomen-y-Bala?

HUGH. Amen, I do!

MRS. JENKINS THE MIDWIFE. [Nodding her old head.] Aye, ’tis true.

MRS. JONES THE WASH. Yiss, yiss.

TOM MORRIS THE SHEEP. Amen, ’tis so.

DEACON ROBERTS. [Moving a few steps away from the fire, standing sidewise, and lifting hand to head, checking it in midair.] An’ ye know that Bala has been a lake, an’ Bala will become a lake?


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