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The Dragon

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The Dragon

by Lady Gregory

Genre: Drama
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


Dall Glic: If you will but listen to the advice I have to give….

King: I know it without you telling me. You are asking me to make away with the lad! And who knows but the girl might turn on me after, women are so queer, and say I had a right to have asked leave from herself?

Dall Glic: There will no one suspect you of doing it, and you to take my plan. Bid them heat the big oven outside on the lawn that is for roasting a bullock in its full bulk.

King: Don’t be talking of roasted meat! I think I can eat no more for a twelvemonth!

Dall Glic: There will be nothing roasted that any person will have occasion to eat. When the oven door will be open, give orders to your bullies and your foot-soldiers to give a tip to him that will push him in. When evening comes, news will go out that he left the meat to burn and made off on his rambles, and no more about him.

King: What way can I send orders when I’m near crazed in my wits with the want of rest. A little minute of sleep might soothe and settle my brain.

(Lies down.)

Dall Glic: The least little word to give leave …or a sign …such as to nod the head.


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