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The Flutter Of The Goldleaf

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The Flutter Of The Goldleaf

by Olive Tilford Dargan

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed



Sit there, you dragon-fly! Or I’ll crush you! (Goes to window, as if for breath and air. Recovers poise.) Let them think me mad. Up here I shall work it out. And I shall not be alone. Earth will not hear me, but the heavens will listen. (Holds his hands toward the stars.) My only friends!


Crush me! (She steals up to the table, seizes a large book, and brings it down with utter destruction upon his machine. PHILO turns and sees. They face each other. She shrinks, terrified.) Don’t, Philo! (Kneels, throwing back her head, showing the long line of her throat.) Forgive me! It was driving you mad! I wanted to save you! Don’t look like that! Forgive me, Philo!


Your throat–is–so white!

(Seizes and chokes her. As he seizes her she gives a cry of terror. WARNER, MRS. W., SEYMOUR, and BELLOWS rush up the stairs and enter. PHILO takes his hands from the girl’s throat and stands apart. She lies motionless.)

Warner (roaring)

You’ve managed, Mary Ann!

Bellows (excitedly)

Who’s right, now, Seymour?

(SEYMOUR bends over REBA, listening for her heart-beat.)

Warner (choking)

A hanging in the family!

Mrs. W.

Is she–dead?


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