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The Garden Party

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The Garden Party

by Katherine Mansfield

Genre: Drama
Setting: New Zealand
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


But, my dear child, use your common sense. It’s only by accident we’ve heard of it. If some one had died there normally–and I can’t understand how they keep alive in those poky little holes–we should still be having our party, shouldn’t we?

Laura had to say “yes” to that, but she felt it was all wrong. She sat down on her mother’s sofa and pinched the cushion frill.

“Mother, isn’t it terribly heartless of us?” she asked.

“Darling!” Mrs. Sheridan got up and came over to her, carrying the hat. Before Laura could stop her she had popped it on. “My child!” said her mother, “the hat is yours. It’s made for you. It’s much too young for me. I have never seen you look such a picture. Look at yourself!” And she held up her hand-mirror.

“But, mother,” Laura began again. She couldn’t look at herself; she turned aside.


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