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The Gazing Globe

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The Gazing Globe

by Eugene Pillot

Genre: Romance
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


NIJO. At last my lips will press yours, as the sun flames to an immortal moment when it meets the sky.

[Kneeling opposite each other, their lips meet. OHANO instantly gives a piercing scream and recoils from him. NIJO sinks into a heap.

OHANO. [Rising and turning toward the sea, weeping.] Oh, oh, oh!

ZAMA. [Rushing in from right.] What is it? What is it, Ohano?

OHANO. [Still weeping.] Oh–ooh.

ZAMA. What do it be, my little Ohano?

OHANO. [Turning.] His kiss–Nijo’s kiss!

ZAMA. Yes?

OHANO. Cold as white marble–cold!

ZAMA. Cold as white marble?

OHANO. Oh, Nijo, why do you kiss me like a thing of stone?

NIJO. [As he looks up, pitifully.] Into that kiss I tried to put all the love I’ve thought these many years.

OHANO. The love you’ve thought?

NIJO. [Despondently.] Yes, I’ve only thought it–thought it!


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