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The Gentleman Dancing-Master.

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The Gentleman Dancing-Master.

by William Wycherley

Genre: Comedy
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


Prue. Why then, methought last night you came up into my chamber in your shirt when I was in bed; and that you might easily do, for I have ne’er a lock to my door.–Now I warrant I am as red as my petticoat.

Mons. No, thou’rt as yellow as e’er thou wert.

Prue. Yellow, sir!

Mons. Ay, ay: but let’s hear the dream out.

Prue. Why, can’t you guess the rest now?

Mons. No, not I, I vow and swear: come, let’s hear.

Prue. But can’t you guess, in earnest?

Mons. Not I, the devil eat me!

Prue. Not guess yet! why then, methought you came to bed to me.–Now am I as red as my petticoat again.

Mons. Ha! ha! ha!–well, and what then? ha! ha! ha!

Prue. Nay, now I know by your worship’s laughing you guess what you did. I’m sure I cried out, and waked all in tears, with these words in my mouth–“You have undone me! you have undone me! your worship has undone me!”

Mons. Ha! ha! ha!–but you waked, and found it was but a dream.

Prue. Indeed it was so lively, I know not whether ’twas a dream, or no.–But if you were not there, I’ll undertake you may come when you will, and do anything to me you will, I sleep so fast.

Mons. No, no; I don’t believe that.

Prue. Indeed you may, your worship–

Mons. It cannot be.

Prue. Insensible beast! he will not understand me yet; and one would think I speak plain enough. [Aside.


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