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The Guardian Of The Threshold

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The Guardian Of The Threshold

by Rudolf Steiner

Genre: Myth, Other
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


In ‘The Guardian of the Threshold’ the following persons and beings appear:

I. Representatives of the Element of Spirit:
1. Benedictus. Leader of the Temple of the Sun and the teacher of a number of people who appear in ‘The Guardian of the Threshold.’

2. Hilary True-to-God, Grand Master of the Mystic League, represented in a former incarnation in ‘The Soul’s Probation’ as the Grand Master of a Mystic Brotherhood.

3. Johannes Thomasius, a pupil of Benedictus, sometimes called Johannes and sometimes Thomasius.

II. Representatives of the Element of Sacrifice:

4. Magnus Bellicosus, Preceptor of the Mystic League, known as Germanus in ‘The Portal of Initiation.’

5. Albertus Torquatus, Master of the Ceremonies in the Mystic League, known as Theodosius in ‘The Portal of Initiation.’

6. Professor Capesius.

III. Representatives of the Element of Will:

7. Frederick Trustworthy, Master of the Ceremonies in the Mystic League. The Reincarnation of the Second Master of the Ceremonies of the Spirit-Brotherhood in ‘The Soul’s Probation’; and known as ‘Romanus’ in ‘The Portal of Initiation.’

8. Theodora, a Seeress, in whom the Element of Will is changed into a simple gift of prophecy.

9. Doctor Strader.

IV. The Representatives of the Element of Soul:

10. Maria, a pupil of Benedictus.

11. Felix Balde.

12. Dame Felicia, his wife.

V. Beings from the Spirit World:



VI. Beings of the Element of Human Spirit:

The Double of Thomasius.

The Soul of Theodora.

The Guardian of the Threshold.

Philia } The spiritual beings through whose agency the human Astrid } soul forces are connected with the Cosmos.

Luna } The Other Philia, the spiritual being who hinders the union of the soul-powers with the Cosmos.

The Voice of Conscience. These spiritual beings are not intended to be allegorical or symbolic, but realities, who to spiritual perception are exactly like physical persons.

NOTE FROM NMI: The plays of Rudolf Steiner are mystic; they are allegedly transcripts of “secret” rites and ceremonies kept hidden from the public. They’re very strange.


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