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The Jester

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The Jester

by Lady Gregory

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


1st Dowager Messenger: What is he talking about? (Seizes arm and looks at it.)

2nd Dowager Messenger: It is the same mark as is on the princes, the sign and token of a King!

1st Dowager Messenger: It is certain these must be their five little royal cousins, that were stolen away from the coast.

1st Wrenboy: If we were brought away it was by that Grugach that has kept us in his service through the years.

2nd Dowager Messenger: It is no wonder they took to one another. It was easy to know by the way they behaved they had in them royal blood.

(The Boys turn to each other, the Ogre is slipping out.)

Jester: (Throwing off his cloak and showing his green ragged clothes.) Stop where you are!

Ogre: Do your best! You cannot hinder me! I have spells could change the whole of ye to a cairn of grey stones! (Makes signs with his hands.)

Jester: (In a terrible voice.) Are you thinking to try your spells against mine?

Ogre: (Trembling and falling on his knees.) Oh, spare me! Hold your hand! Do not use against me your spells of life and death! I know you now! I know you well through your ragged dress! What are my spells beside yours? You the great Master of all magic and all enchantments, Manannan, Son of the Sea!

Jester: Yes, I am Manannan, that men are apt to call a Jester and a Fool, and a Disturber, and a Mischief-maker, upsetting the order of the world and making confusion in its order and its ways. (Recites or sings.)


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