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The Jewel Merchants

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The Jewel Merchants

by James Branch Cabell

Genre: Drama
Setting: International
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


GUIDO Living, this brain-sick beast will make of you his plaything–and, a little later, his broken, soiled and cast-by plaything. It is therefore necessary that I kill Duke Alessandro.

GRACIOSA moves away from him, and GUIDO rises.

GRACIOSA And afterward–and afterward you must die just as Tebaldeo died!

GUIDO That is the law, madonna. But what he said is true. I am useless to him, a rebellious lackey to be punished. Whether I have his life or no, I am a lost man.

GRACIOSA A moment since you were Count Eglamore, whom all our nobles feared–

GUIDO Now there is not a beggar in the kingdom who would change lots with me. But at least I shall first kill this kingdom’s lord.

He picks up his dagger.

GRACIOSA You are a friendless and hunted man, in peril of a dreadful death. But even so, you are not penniless. These jewels here are of great value–

GUIDO laughs, and hangs the pearls about her neck.

GUIDO Do you keep them, then.

GRACIOSA There is a world outside this kingdom. You have only to make your way through the forest to be out of Tuscany.

GUIDO (Coolly reflective.) Perhaps I might escape, going north to Bologna, and then to Venice, which is at war with the Duke–

GRACIOSA I can tell you the path to Bologna.

GUIDO But first the Duke must die, because his death saves you.


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