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The Maker Of Dreams

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The Maker Of Dreams

by Oliphant Down

Genre: Fairy Tale
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


MANUFACTURER. I shouldn’t start out to-night.

PIERROT. But I want to find her soon. Somebody else may find her before me.

MANUFACTURER. Pierrot, there was once a man who wanted to gather mushrooms.

PIERROT [annoyed at the commonplace]. Mushrooms!

MANUFACTURER. Fearing people would be up before him, he started out overnight. Morning came, and he found none, so he returned disconsolate to his house. As he came through the garden, he found a great mushroom had grown up in the night by his very door-step. Take the advice of one who knows, and wait a bit.

PIERROT. If that’s your advice…. But tell me this, do you think I shall find her?

MANUFACTURER. I can’t say for certain. Would you consider yourself a fool?

PIERROT. Ah … of course … when you ask me a direct thing like that, you make it … er … rather awkward for me. But, if I may say so, as man to ma … I mean as man to … [he hesitates].

MANUFACTURER [waiving the point]. Yes, yes.

PIERROT. Well, I flatter myself that …

MANUFACTURER. Exactly. And that’s your principal danger. Whilst you are striding along gazing at the stars, you may be treading on a little glow-worm. Shall I give you a third verse for your song?


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