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The Marrying Of Ann Leete

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The Marrying Of Ann Leete

by Granville Barker

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


MR. CROWE. I am tickled to think that the man marrying your daughter wasn’t good enough for mine.

CARNABY. And yet at fisticuffs, I’d back John Abud against our son George.

DR. REMNANT has come out of the dining-room. TOZER has stumbled towards him and is wagging an argumentative finger.

MR. TOZER. . . Marriage means enjoyment!

DR. REMNANT. [Controlling his indignation.] I repeat that I have found in my own copy of the prayer book no insistence upon a romantic passion.

MR. TOZER. My ‘terpretation of God’s word is ‘bove criticism.

MR. TOZER reaches the door and falls into the dining-room.

CARNABY. [Weakly to DR. REMNANT.] Give me your arm for a moment.

DR. REMNANT. I think Lady Cottesham has Mrs. John Abud prepared to start, sir.

CARNABY. I trust Ann will take no chill walking through the mud.

DR. REMNANT. Won’t you sit down, sir?


For some moments CROWE has been staring indignantly at SIR GEORGE. Now he breaks out.

MR. CROWE. The front door of this mansion is opened to a common gardener and only then to me and mine!

SIR GEORGE LEETE. [Virulently.] Damn you and yours and damn them . . and damn you again for the worse disgrace.

MR. CROWE. Damn you, sir . . have you paid him to marry the girl?


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