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The Masque Of The Two Strangers

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The Masque Of The Two Strangers

by Lady Alix Egerton

Genre: Myth
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed



Dost thou not know me, Douce-coeur?

DOUCE-COEUR [slowly].

Thou art Love!


And dost thou know the meaning of my name?

Tell me thou art not fearful any more.


The darkness that was bound about mine eyes

Is falling from me. In the growing light

The answer to Life’s riddle is made clear.

I seem to stand upon a height, caught up

In ecstasy of rapture near the sun.

The day is dawning; far before my eyes

I see the earth spread out there like a map.

Shadow and sunshine traveling on the road

O’ertake each other, mingle–and are one.


O Love, all hail! What is my crown to thine?

Thy music is the song of all the stars

Which rings through every heart attune to thine.


O Love, all hail! What is my wealth to thine?

Thy treasures are the moons of happiness,

Thy boundless gold the sunshine of the world.


O Love, all hail! Thine is the greater rule,

The force predominating. Thou alone

Art the unvanquished King who conquers all.


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