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The Meeker Ritual

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The Meeker Ritual

by Joseph Hergesheimer

Genre: Suspense
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


“August, are you there?” Mrs. Kraemer demanded. “Can you hear me? Are you well?”

“I’m deaf from the uproar,” Stepan said faintly. “Men in a green gas. He is trying to reach me; something is keeping him back.”

“August’s alive!” Mrs. Kraemer’s exclamation was in German, but Lizzie understood that she was thanking God.

“Hundreds are passing over,” Stepan continued. “I can’t hear his voice, but there are medals. He’s gone again in smoke. The other—-” The communication halted abruptly, and in the silence which followed Lizzie stopped the talking-machine, the record at an end.

It was then that the blaze of light occurred which made her think the paper shade had caught fire and that the house would burn down. She dragged back the curtain.


A sceance; is it real or fake?


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