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The Nursery Maid Of Heaven

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The Nursery Maid Of Heaven

by Thomas Wood Stevens

Genre: Myth
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


ATALANTA. It was a great comfort to me to tell you, Sister–and to serve you. Why have you asked nothing more of me?

BENVENUTA. I have all the help I need, now.

[A pause. Atalanta looks at Benvenuta wonderingly.]

The vinedresser’s baby–did you ever hold him in your arms?


BENVENUTA. Nor ever felt his lips soft and moist against your cheek, nor his fingers warm on your neck?

ATALANTA. No. I only saw the child, as I told you.

BENVENUTA. I remember now. You only saw him.

[Another pause. Benvenuta is looking toward the Sacristy closet.]

Atalanta, dear, do you know that we can only be happy by pleasing those we love most–that is what people live for, I think. And dear, remember this: the happiness you saw on the face of the vinedresser’s wife was as torment beside the joy that is glowing in me.

[Her eyes meet Atalanta’s for a moment.]

Don’t, dear–don’t think it too strange. Everything is strange, after all.

ATALANTA. Your face was like hers, then.

BENVENUTA. Please don’t say that, dear. It’s–it’s foolish–isn’t it? But I told you once I was waiting for something–all my life waiting. And now–and now!


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