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The Open Door

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The Open Door

by Alfred Sutro

Genre: Romance
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


SIR GEOFFREY. [Angrily.] Yes, I am going away, and I shall marry a Chinese. I shall marry the first Chinese woman I meet.

LADY TORMINSTER. This is very sudden. Why?

SIR GEOFFREY. Because, at least, not knowing the language, she won’t be able to say unkind things about me to my friends.

LADY TORMINSTER. [Her chin on her hand, looking squarely at him.] Geoffrey, is Jack a bore?

SIR GEOFFREY. He never bores me.

LADY TORMINSTER. That’s because he shot your tiger, and you rubbed his nose. Besides, you talk about horses, and so on. And yet I heard him, for a solid hour, telling you about a rubber he lost at bridge through his partner making diamonds trumps when he should have made spades.

SIR GEOFFREY. He’s not clever, of course–and you are. But still! Is cleverness everything?

LADY TORMINSTER. Haven’t I told you he’s the very best fellow in all the world? And do you think I’m posing, pretending that I’m misunderstood, and the rest? You know me better. I am indulging, for once, in the luxury of absolute candour.

SIR GEOFFREY. You loved him–

LADY TORMINSTER. Of course I loved him–and I love him now.


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