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The Rights Of The Soul

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The Rights Of The Soul

by Giuseppe Giacosa

Genre: Romance
Setting: International
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


ANNA. Do not insist, Paolo. If you insist I shall come–but–

PAOLO. No, no, I do not insist. You see me here begging. I do not want you by force. But listen once more, listen. I am grateful, you must understand, for that which you have done. Oh, I shall recompense you for it all my life. I realize there is not a more saintly woman in all the world, but you must enter into my soul and feel a little pity also for me.

ANNA. Ah, ah! [Laughs bitterly.]

PAOLO. Why do you prolong this torment? You said when there is no more danger! What danger is there? Upon whom depends this danger–from you or from me? What can time change for us? I have always loved you, I love you now, and in this moment I love you as I have never loved you! Give me your hand–only your hand. God, Anna! You are beautiful! And you are my wife–you are my wife and the oath which you took when we were married, is not only one of faithfulness, but of love. Come away–come away.

ANNA. No, no, no.

PAOLO. No? Are you afraid? Afraid of being unfaithful to him?

ANNA. Paolo–Paolo!

PAOLO. And if I wish it?

ANNA. You cannot wish it.

PAOLO. And if I want?

ANNA. Paolo!–

PAOLO. And if I command?

ANNA. You will, in one moment, destroy all my plan. Think–your violence is a liberation for me.

PAOLO. Oh, come–or speak!

ANNA. Do you wish it so? We have come to that? I have done all that I could.

PAOLO. Yes, go on. Speak!

ANNA. I loved Luciano and I love him still.


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