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The Shadowed Star

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The Shadowed Star

by Mary Macmillan

Genre: Suspense
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


MRS. KEENEY. And I’ve never asked for much from you, have I, David? Have I?

KEENEY. You know you could have all I got the power to give ye, Annie.

MRS. KEENEY [wildly]. Then do this, this once, for my sake, for God’s sake–take me home! It’s killing me, this life–the brutality and cold and horror of it. I’m going mad. I can feel the threat in the air. I can’t bear the silence threatening me–day after gray day and every day the same. I can’t bear it. [Sobbing.] I’ll go mad, I know I will. Take me home, David, if you love me as you say. I’m afraid. For the love of God, take me home!

[She throws her arms around him, weeping against his shoulder. His face betrays the tremendous struggle going on within him. He holds her out at arm’s length, his expression softening. For a moment his shoulders sag, he becomes old, his iron spirit weakens as he looks at her tear-stained face.]

KEENEY [dragging out the words with an effort]. I’ll do it, Annie–for your sake–if you say it’s needful for ye.

MRS. KEENEY [with wild joy–kissing him]. God bless you for that, David!

[He turns away from her silently and walks toward the companion-way. Just at that moment there is a clatter of footsteps on the stairs and the Second Mate enters the cabin.]

MATE [excitedly]. The ice is breakin’ up to no’the’ard, sir. There’s a clear passage through the floe, and clear water beyond, the lookout says.

[Keeney straightens himself like a man coming out of a trance. Mrs. Keeney looks at the Mate with terrified eyes.]

KEENEY [dazedly–trying to collect his thoughts]. A clear passage? To no’the’ard?

MATE. Yes, sir.

KEENEY [his voice suddenly grim with determination]. Then get her ready and we’ll drive her through.


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