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The Shepherd In The Distance

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The Shepherd In The Distance

by Holland Hudson

Genre: Other
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


Stringed music Princess enters from the left, veiled and carrying a scarf in her hands Goat enters with her, goes at once to the Shepherd Princess poses at center Wazir and Vizier turn, smirking Princess dances Wazir leers and strokes his beard Princess ends dance beside Vizier

Chords, agitato She ties his arms with her scarf

Sand blocks Wazir is convulsed with laughter

Chords Princess binds Wazir’s arms with her veil

Sand blocks Vizier is convulsed with laughter

Princess rhythm on The Attendant enters from the left with a box wood drum on which a skull and cross-bones are conspicuous

Tap Princess takes two pills from the box

Tap She pops them into her prisoners’ open mouths

Princess rhythm The Attendant exits as she came

Sand blocks Wazir and Vizier swallow vigorously

Drum crash They lay their heads upon the chess table and die


This is a “pantomime” — there’s no dialogue or lyric; it’s a description of aciton as well as a description of music.


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