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The Signal Tower

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The Signal Tower

by Wadsworth Camp

Genre: Suspense
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


One tower north! Thirty-three was coming down on him, but he was only glad that the pounding had ceased. It commenced again.

“NT. NT. NT. Special cleared JV at 12:48.”

Each rushing towards each other with only a minute’s difference in schedule! That was close–too close. But what was it he had in his mind?

Suddenly he screamed. He lurched to his feet and leant against the wall. He knew now. Joe, with those infused and criminal eyes, had gone to Sally and Sonny–to get even. There could be nothing in the world as important as that. He must get after Joe. He must stop him in time.

“NT. NT. NT.”

There was something in his brain about stopping a train in time.

“It only needs you to keep all those people from getting killed.”

Somebody had told him that. What did it mean? What had altered here in the tower all at once?

There was no longer any red.

“NT. NT. NT.”

“I won’t answer.”

Where had he put his cap and coat. He needed them. He could go without. He could kill a beast without. His foot trembled on the first step.


Railroad story: signal tower guy can control the fate of a man who’s done him wrong. [Can it be updated to an air traffic control tower guy?]


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