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The Slump

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The Slump

by Frederic L. Day

Genre: Romance
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


MADDEN [coming forward toward his wife]. Are you really safe, Florrie?

[She looks up with a glance of feeble annoyance.]

MRS. MADDEN. Sure. I’m all right. [She looks down again.]

MADDEN [coming still closer]. Oh, I’m so thankful!… I … I been lookin’ for you, Florrie.–Where you been?

MRS. MADDEN [without looking up]. Wat d’ y’ say?

MADDEN. Where you been, Florrie? [With even greater anxiety.] You didn’t go down by the river?

MRS. MADDEN [looking up]. Lord no! W’atev’r made y’ think that? [She takes up a chocolate cream and bites off half of it.] I jus’ took Mrs. Montanio over t’ Brailey’s new place f’r a couple o’ ice cream sodas. [She looks down again.]

MADDEN [softly]. Oh. [A shadow passes over his face and vanishes.] Florrie. [He sits down on the left arm of the morris chair and puts his arm affectionately about her shoulders.] I didn’t know what I was sayin’.

MRS. MADDEN [puzzled. Without looking up]. W’at y’ talkin’ ’bout?

MADDEN [pathetically]. I guess I ought not to ask you to forgive me.


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