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The Sun

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The Sun

by John Galsworthy

Genre: Romance
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


SOLDIER (leaping over the stile). ‘Oo are you, Pompey? The sun don’t shine in your inside, do it? ‘Oo is ‘e, Daise?

THE GIRL. My man.

SOLDIER. Your–man! Lummy! “Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief”! Well, soldier? So you’ve been through it, too. I’m laughin’ this mornin’, as luck will ‘ave it. Ah! I can see your knife.

THE MAN (who has half drawn his knife). Don’t laugh at me, I tell you.

SOLDIER. Not at you, soldier, not at you. (He looks from one to the other.) I’m laughin’ at things in general. Where did you get it, soldier?

THE MAN (watchfully). Through the lung.

SOLDIER. Think o’ that! An’ I never was touched. Four years an’ never was touched. An’ so you’ve come an’ took my girl. Nothin’ doin’! Ha! (Again he looks from one to the other–then away.) Well! The world’s before me. (He laughs.) I’ll give you Daise for a lung protector.

THE MAN (fiercely). You won’t. I’ve took her.

SOLDIER. That’s all right, then. You keep ‘er. I’ve got a laugh in me you can’t put out, black as you are! Good-bye, little Daise!

(THE GIRL makes a movement toward him.)

THE MAN. Don’t touch ‘im!

(THE GIRL stands hesitating, and suddenly bursts into tears.)

SOLDIER. Look ‘ere, soldier; shake ‘ands! I don’t want to see a girl cry, this day of all, with the sun shinin’. I seen too much o’ sorrer. You an’ me’ve been at the back of it. We’ve ‘ad our whack. Shake!

THE MAN. Who are you kiddin’? You never loved ‘er!

SOLDIER. Oh! I thought I did.

THE MAN (fiercely). I’ll fight you for her.


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