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The Unicorn From The Stars

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The Unicorn From The Stars

by W. B. Yeats

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Folklore, Myth
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length: 60 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


THOMAS. Where is he? I am come to warn him. The destruction he did in the night-time has been heard of. The soldiers are out after him and the constables … there are two of the constables not far off … there are others on every side … they heard he was here in the mountain … where is he?

FATHER JOHN. He has gone up the path.

THOMAS. Hurry after him! Tell him to hide himself … this attack he had a hand in is a hanging crime…. Tell him to hide himself, to come to me when all is quiet … bad as his doings are, he is my own brother’s son; I will get him on to a ship that will be going to France.

FATHER JOHN. That will be best; send him back to the Brothers and to the wise Bishops. They can unravel this tangle. I cannot; I cannot be sure of the truth.

THOMAS. Here are the constables; he will see them and get away…. Say no word…. The Lord be praised that he is out of sight.

[CONSTABLES come in.]

CONSTABLE. The man we are looking for, where is he? He was seen coming here along with you. You have to give him up into the power of the law.

JOHNNY B. We will not give him up! Go back out of this or you will be sorry.

PAUDEEN. We are not in dread of you or the like of you.

BIDDY. Throw them down over the rocks!

NANNY. Give them to the picking of the crows!

ALL. Down with the law!

FATHER JOHN. Hush! He is coming back.


Builds to a powerful, tragic conclusion; a lot of beautiful language which is hard to slog through.


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