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The Voysey Inheritance

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The Voysey Inheritance

by Granville Barker

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


EDWARD. [looking at her as she at him.] Well, you’ve the right to be. This deed . . it’s not done yet . . is your property.

ALICE. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to have something useful to my credit . . and I’d almost given up hoping.

Then suddenly his face changes, his voice changes and he grips the hand he is holding so tightly as to hurt her.

EDWARD. Alice, if my father’s story were true . . he must have begun like this. Trying to do the right thing in the wrong way . . then doing the wrong thing . . then bringing himself to what he was . . and so me to this. [he flings away from her.] No, Alice, I won’t do it. I daren’t take that first step down. It’s a worse risk than any failure. Think . . I might succeed.

ALICE stands very still, looking at him.

ALICE. It’s a big risk. Well . . I’ll take it.

He turns to her, in wonder.


ALICE. I’ll risk your becoming a bad man. That’s a big risk for me.

He understands, and is calmed and made happy.

EDWARD. Then there is no more to be said, is there?

ALICE. Not now. [as she drops this gentle hint she hears something–the hall door opening.] Here’s Booth back again.

EDWARD. [with a really mischievous grin.] He’ll be so glad he’s convinced me.

ALICE. I must go back to Honor, poor girl. I wonder she has a tear left.


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