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The Waiting Years

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The Waiting Years

by Katharine Metcalf Roof

Genre: Romance
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length: 60 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


Oh, my dear, the time is long, and I grow weary with my make-believing. I am a thousand miles away. A cold rain is falling. I could not bear it were it not for your voice in my ears: “Fight a good fight. Come back home soon, William.” As soon, God pity me as I can. My country first, even if it robs me of life’s dearest treasure. Ah, that I had dared before I left to speak the words in my heart, “Wait for me, sweetheart, wait till I come home; for it will be no true home unless you make it for me.”

But I did not say it. The hour was not yet. Pray God it may come for us both, for never will another know how to love you as I do, my Allison.


A long-distance romance between a Civil War soldier and the woman waiting for him. Looks sentimental, but solid. Promising for adaptation. Is there enough conflict along the way? Is this a two-hander? A sort of wartime “Love Letters”?


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