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The Whale And The Grasshopper

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The Whale And The Grasshopper

by Seumas O'brien

Genre: Fable
Setting: Fantasy
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length: 30 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


‘Standish McNeill,’ ses I, ‘what kind of a fool of a man are you? Why don’t you take a swim for yourself?’ So I did take a swim, an’ I swam to the rocks where the seals goes to get their photograph’s taken an’ while I was havin’ a rest for meself I noticed a grasshopper sittin’ a short distance away an’ ‘pon me word, but he was the most sorrowful lookin’ grasshopper I ever saw before or since. Then all of a sudden a monster whale comes up from the sea and lies down beside him an’ ses: ‘Well,’ ses he, ‘is that you? Who’d ever think of finding you here. Why, there’s nothing strange under the sun but the ways of woman.’

“”Tis me that’s here, then,’ said the grasshopper. ‘Me grandmother died last night an’ she wasn’t insured either.’

“‘The practice of negligence is the curse of mankind and the root of sorrow,’ ses the whale. ‘I suppose the poor old soul had her fill of days, an’ sure we all must die, an’ ’tis cheaper to be dead than alive at any time. A man never knows that he’s dead when he’s dead an’ he never knows he’s alive until he’s married.’

“‘You’re a great one to expatiate on things you know nothing about, like the barbers and the cobblers,’ said the grasshopper. ‘I only want to know if you’re coming to the funeral to-morrow?’


Not much of a plot; but delightful language. Might make a wonderful, buoyant short musical.


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